The meeting at 11:13

Annual Meeting 25. March 2018    See report from extension of this meeting 8. April 2018

About 40 people attended the first legally called meeting on FlyBird in 19 years.

Of the approximately 400 people who own rooms on FlyBird about 40 had turned up, about 10%.

Mrs. Vacharin 'Rin' Thamrongvarangkul (วัชรินทร์ ธำรงวรางกูร) agreed to be the chairman of the meeting.

'No Quorum'...
Khun Songdet followed up by stating that there was not the needed quorum of 25% for voting for points on the agenda. (This was not immediately clear, as some visitors own many rooms.)

... meeting to be continued
As the Condominium Act states, a new meeting must be called.

Note: This was already done on the first mail and this is common procedure in other condominiums.

However, it was argued that two meetings could not be called in one mail. The provisional committee will for this reason ask Khun Songdet if he this time would like to ensure that the second invitation mail is distributed.

Speakers at the meeting:
Khun Mam (Thai & English) who was appointed by the provisional committee to lead the meeting spoke about the Thai Condominium Act of 2008.

Khun Frank (English & basic Thai) spoke the about need for using modern communication, for dialogue and openness. He also pointed out that FlyBird has had problems with maintenance for several years. Cleaning had gotten better, but there were still many serious problems to solve.


Khun Bjorn (English) with a well-prepared speech.
(The provisional committee apologize for the fact that our translator for Mr. Bjorn's speech had not arrived)
Khun Bjorn stated that
- the problems with getting help from the office was serious.
- FlyBird had many problems with finances and a debt

Khun Mam asked Khun Songdet about the reason that FlyBird had not held an annual meeting for 10 years.
Khun Songdet explained that there had not been interest from the owners, a point of view that was backed up by a Japanese gentleman.
Khun Bjorn asked how it was possible to know about the interest of the owners before they get the invitation, and that it is the legal duty of the manager to do it anyway.

Khun Wanna Maiyawong (คุณวรรณา ไมยวงษ์) spoke about the increasing problems of renting out rooms on FlyBird.

As there was no quorum the meeting only lasted about one hour, which is normal in such cases. A number of other matters were discussed in Thai and English.

Khun Rin and Khun Noi from the provisional committe delivered home-made sandwiches, well received.

The provisional committee all agreed that it was a constructive and positive meeting, and thank the owners, the FlyBird management, Khun Ngee Lertpromsont for her help during the last 6 months, Khun Mam, and all assistants that made the meeting possible.

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