Pro-committee meeting 25th February 2018

Voting for setting the dates of the General Meetings to 25th of March and 8th of April 2018.

Attending: 9 committee candidates and owners (in order left-to-right on the picture):

Ms. Pranee Pinyovorapoj (คุณปราณี ภิญโญวรพจน์)
Mr. Ulrich Kasch
Mr. Bjorn Hole
Ms. Malee (translator)
Ms. Nattaya Poonsawat (คุณนาฏยา พูลสวัสดิ์)
Ms. Wanna Maiyawong (คุณวรรณา ไมยวงษ์)
Mr. Maiyawong (behind Ms. Rin)
Ms. Vacharin 'Rin' Thamrongvarangkul (วัชรินทร์ ธำรงวรางกูร)
Mr. Paiboon Noiyai (คุณไพบูลย์ น้อยใย)
Mr. Søren Munch

1) Deciding on dates for 1st and 2nd General Meeting.
Many dates were suggested, and very considerations regarding holidays and likely convenience for most owners.
Those meeting participants who might not be able to attend accepted, that it would not be possible to find dates that would suit everybody.
As a result, the dates 25th of March and 8th of April was agreed.

2) FlyBird: 4 condominiums, 4 committees, 4 decisions?
It was suggested by Mr. Bjorn that we as far as possible should operate as one unit, a point of view that met no opposition.

3) FlyBird and Management:
How could FlyBird be managed in the future.
What visions and options do we have?
List of changes we would like so see in the future.

These points were discussed privately between participants.
Ideas will be presented to the General Meetings.

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