Is FlyBird...
...a good place to live?
Yes! We are a diverse community of approx. 2000 un-pretentious and close-living individuals. But ok, if you prefer isolated luxury then a condo in a skyscraber would probably suit you better.

Yes. The community is very diverse, so we are open to everybody. for kids?
Yes. There is no throughgoing traffic, and there are even speedbumps to keep speed low.

Flybird at night?
Very safe, 24/7! Random attacks on persons are exceedingly rare.
When something happens it is always between people who have some kind of personal conflict between them. And even that is rare.
Here are people around, and there is no hang-out place for dubious personalities for my belongins?
Burglaries and theft happens but this is rare too. But act responsibly regarding your values.

...friendly towards disabled people?
No, not really. Even on ground floor apartments there are three steps up. People in wheel chairs will need help. Here are no elevators.

Services in FlyBird
There are a few places where food is served...

Flybird Restaurant

My laundry?
There are several fine laundries on the area.

Basic needs. Drinking water, beers, soft-drinks, snacks, detergent..?
There are several small shops. Some even have tables outside, where people meet in the evening.

And if i need more than that?
There are two minutes walk to 7-11 and other shops outside, not to mention markets, restaurants etc.

Can I open my own business?
Do you need much space outside? Then forget it, we don't have it. Only businesess established before 2018 are allowed. But a small office may be possible, but will in each case have to be approved by the committee.

Flybird Laundry

How can I contact the committee if I have a problem or need to know something?
Please use this page. Be aware that all committee members are volunteers wit h other work so please be patient

Is there some kind of manager to contact if anything happens outside working hours?
The need does not seem to be there. People here are very helpful.

How much does it cost to rent a condominium?
All units are privately owned, so there are not fixed price.
It depends on many obvious things like the state of the unit, location, time of year.
Some condos are built together, so you are using two condos.
Expect something from 4000-10,000 Baht pr. month, though both cheaper and more expensive have been heard off.

How much does it cost to buy a condominium?
As for above, prices vary greatly. But currently the lowest prices would be less than 500,000 Baht.

Do you have questions? Ask here and we will try to find the answer.

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