The meeting at 11:37

FlyBird Annual Meeting 8. April 2018    the extension of meeting of 25. March 2018

As the previous meeting did not reach the quorum required provided by the law (at least 25% for most decisions) this new meeting had to be called as the law requires.

The weather was perfect for an outdoor meeting. Sunny, but pleasantly cool.

We had '4 meetings', actually. FlyBird is legally registered as four separate juristic condominiums. Flybird A, FlyBird B...C, D.
This of course means paperwork details. Today the visible difference was, that 4 committees are needed.

Counting from photos indicates that approx. 55 people attended the FlyBird meeting, up with about 15 from the last time.

As the meeting was held entirely in Thai, and my own skills here unfortunately are limited, the reader will have to bear with me if there are things I did not understand correctly.

The meeting was lead by Khun Suwit, Bangkok, whose involvement with FlyBird spans well over 20 years.

In a friendly and professional style he informed the Thai-speaking participants about basics and went efficiently through the agenda.

No English
The pro-committee had brought in Ms. Mem, who is professionally involved with condominium management, and speaks flawless English.

However, not everybody was open to her presence.
She had hardly said a word before she in no uncertain terms continuously were disrupted by a few loud-speaking gentlemen, who told her she had nothing to do on the meeting. Any further attempts was met with shouting and objections. Quite an odd experience for one coming from a respectful democratic background. But so that was it: No English.

The agenda
for the meeting had been reprinted and was distributed. Also here there was no English translation, but Khun Suwit informed us, that the agenda was identical to the one being sent out in first call for meetings, so copies were provided. Still, the presentation of the agenda was, of course, in Thai.

Everything went very smooth. Apart from the above matter with the English translator, lovers of peace and harmony – and who isn’t? - will certainly have been happy.

We expect, that the minutes of the meeting will be made available to the committees, and more details about meeting decision will be made available here.

Committees elections   full report
With 4 committees of 9 people there was room for all registered candidates, so no voting was needed.
Naturally, the registration with the Land Office will still be needed, but until further the happy committee members could enjoy their day.

こんにちは   Konnichiwa! Hello to the Japanese...
To see so many Japanese committee members in Thailand would surprise some. But they have invested heavily in FlyBird, “more than 120 rooms” I was told. Their presence as a part of all committees is in my opinion great news.

... and Goodbye from the Provisional Committee
After this meeting where new committees are voted for by a legally called meeting, the Provisional Committee of September 2017 have completed a primary goal. We hope that the further registration and continuation of our work will be a success.
We would like to thank all owners & friends, the FlyBird management w/ Khun Songdet, wife and staff, and Khun Suwit Lertpromsont and his daugher 'Nellie' for their great help in making this meeting possible.

Best regards,

Soren “Frank” Munch
Listed as committee member for Bldg. C.

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