"The Board" After completion of the committee selection procedure 12:16 p.m.

FlyBird Committee Election 8. April 2018

With 3-9 committee members allowed for each of FlyBird A to ..D, there was room for all candidates, so no voting was needed.

After the procedures candidates attempted to lined up according to the order of the list of names on the board.
However, there are a few differences between the lists and the pictures, and a missing name.
Please report corrections here.

The final approval of candidates rests with the Land Office, along with the minutes of the meeting. According to Section 37 in the Thai Condominim Act the FlyBird manager should pass this within 30 days of the meeting. After this has happened, it will still take time before the minutes are finally approved.

Best regards,

Soren “Frank” Munch
Listed as committee member for Bldg. C.

FlyBird Condominum A

FlyBird Condominum A Names Update 26 April 2018 17:54 :
Ms. Nellie Lertpromsont, Flybird management's English-speaking representative, has just informed us that Mr. Phisit (not on picture, last name on list) has withdrawn as committee member for building A.

FlyBird Condominum B

FlyBird Condominum B Names

FlyBird Condominum C

FlyBird Condominum C Names

FlyBird Condominum D

FlyBird Condominum D Names

Thai Condominium Act 2008:
The Committee
In the below a translated part of the Thai Condominium Act is provided.
The excerpt is kindly provided by "Samui For Sale", here is a link to full translation:
New Thailand Condominium Act 2008
It is strongly recommended that the committee members (in fact, all condo owners) make themselves familiar with the full Thai Condominium Act 2008.


Section 37
There shall be a Condominium Corporate Committee consisting of members of not less than three persons but not exceeding nine persons appointed by the Joint Owner General Meeting.

The members shall hold office for two years each term. (snip)

A member vacating office may be re-appointed but shall not be eligible to hold office exceeding two consecutive terms unless other person cannot be found to hold office.

On the appointments of the members, the Manager shall register such appointments with the competent official within thirty days from the date on which the Joint Owner General Meeting has passed a resolution on such appointments.

Section 37/1
The following persons shall be eligible for an appointment as a member:
(1) A joint owner or his spouse,
(2) A statutory heir, custodian or curator in the case where a joint owner is a minor, incompetent or quasi-incompetent person, as the case may be.
(3) An agent of the condominium corporate in the case where the condominium corporate is a joint owner.

In the case where any unit’s ownership holder consist of several joint owners, only one person shall be eligible for an appointment as a member.

Section 37/2
A person eligible for appointment as a member shall not possess the following prohibitions:

(1) A minor, an incompetent or quasi-incompetent person,
(2) Used to be relieved from the position of a member by the Joint Owner General Meeting or removed from being a manager because of corruption or his conduct is detrimental or defective on morality.
(3) Used to be dismissed, removed or discharged from a government service, government or private organization or agency on charge of misfeasance,
(4) Used to be imprisoned by final judgment except an offence committed through negligence or petty offence.

Section 37/3
In addition to vacating office on the expiration of term, a member vacates office upon

(1) Death,
(2) Resignation,
(3) Not being a person under Section 37/1 or having the prohibitions set forth under Section 37/2,
(4) The Joint Owner General Meeting has passed a resolution in accordance with Section 44, relieving him from the position.

Section 37/4
The Committee (Board) shall elect a member as the Board Chairman and may elect a member as the Board Vice Chairman.

Section 37/5
The Board Chairman shall summon members for a Board Meeting and in the case where at least two members have submitted a request for summoning a Board Meeting, the Board Chairman shall schedule the date for such Meeting within seven days from the date of receiving such request.

Section 37/6
On the Committee (Board) Meeting, there must be members of not less than a half of the total number of the members attending to Meeting to constitute a quorum.

On the Committee Meeting, if the Board Chairman is not present at the Meeting or is unable to perform his duty, the Board Vice Chairman shall preside over the Meeting as the Meeting Chairman, but, if in the absence of the Board Vice Chairman or even in his presence, however, he is unable to perform his duty, the members in attendance shall elect a member to be the Chairman of the Board Meeting.

The Meeting decision shall be on the basis of the majority of votes. In casting votes, each member shall have one vote. In the case of an equality of votes, the Meeting Chairman shall have an additional vote as the casting vote.

Section 38
The Board shall have the power and duty as follows:

(1) Monitoring control over the condominium corporate managements,
(2) Appointing a member to assume duties of the Manager of the condominium corporate in the case where there is no Manager or the Manager is unable to perform normal duties in excess of seven days.
(3) Arranging the Board Meeting to be convened at least once every six months.
(4) Other duties prescribed under Ministerial Regulation.

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