Last revision: 27. February 2018.
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1st and 2nd Ordinary General Meeting 2018:
25. March 2018 and 8. April 2018
1 The list of Candidates for the FlyBird Committee Completed
see the list
2 Bylaws
translation ongoing
3 The addresses of owners
The Management's work towards getting this list in the best possible state has been ongoing for a while. Due to the nature of owners moving without reporting it, it will never reach perfection. The pro-committee is committed to help all owners to get their address and contact details registered.
4 Date for the two first General Meetings 2018
On a pro-Committee meeting the Sunday the 25th of February it was decided that the meetings will be held
25th of March 2018
8th of April 2018
5 Sending invitation letters
Invitation letters are scheduled to be sent the 2nd of April 2018.

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