FlyBird General Meetings
25. March 2018 and 8. April 2018

Invitation letters: Thai language English language

Do you want to change something?
The General Meetings are FlyBird's top decision maker.

It is all your decision. The law - Thai Condominum Acts - clearly says:
The Owners on the General Meetings decide.

So come and be a part of FlyBird's future


Is it "one vote pr. room"?
Not quite. Voting is calculated by the area of the owners apartment. So if one room is larger than another, the owner has larger vote. But as most apartments on FlyBird have almost the same size, yes, it is close to 'one vote pr. room'

What if only 20 people show up for the meeting? Can they decide everything?
The first time a subject is brought up there must be at least 20% of all votes present on the meeting.
If there is not enough people a new meeting must be called within 14 days and the subject must be voted for again.
One this second meeting it does not matter how many votes are present. And YES, a few people will then decide everything.
So please come to all General Meetings, or send somebody with a proxy.

Meetings? Committee? Voting? We never had this on FlyBird?
Actually, there was a meeting 19 years ago. The management must call for this this every year, but it has probably just been forgotten.

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